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Mark Heesen

Written by Mark Heesen   
This morning the NVCA and Dow Jones VentureSource released the results from the 2011 Venture Census survey which measured the demographics of nearly 600 professionals working in the venture capital industry.  This census is the second we have done with the last one completed in 2008.  The results have not changed in any dramatic way.  The industry is still dominated by white males, although the younger, newer professionals are trending to be a more diverse group.  And non-investing positions such as the CFO and Marketing/Communications Directors are comprised by a majority of women. Still, the numbers show a industry that remains relatively homogeneous in nature.
Much has been said, analyzed, conjectured and reported about the low percentage of women in the venture capital industry.  NVCA members universally recognize that increasing this percentage over time is good for the industry, good for entrepreneurs, and good for business.  Yet, the venture industry remains challenged to move the dial quickly due to a number of structural factors at play including the smaller pool of women in the science and technology fields from which many venture capitalists enter the asset class.  Our hope continues to be that, over time, we will see more women and minority investors to better reflect the influencers and customers with whom we partner to grow companies.  But, like the venture capital process itself, progress will likely be over the long term.
The 2011 Venture Census shows an asset class that is comprised of extremely bright and motivated professionals who exhibit a great deal of commitment to their jobs.  The NVCA feels it is important to track these demographic trends ongoing as the industry continues to contract so we can monitor the changes that result.  As the industry gets smaller, tiny shifts can have large impacts.  We would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey and help us deliver accurate and timely statistics on the industry.
Questions regarding the 2011 Venture Census can be directed to Emily Mendell (emendell (at) nvca (dot) org)
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